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With spa visits and the media depicting massages a certain way, people may not realize the medical applications massage therapy can have on specific injuries. Contrary to popular belief, massage therapy will only be truly effective with a medical professional or specialist. We recommend that patients seek our center for treatment before the injury worsens and causes more issues.

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A variety of massage therapy techniques

In fact, patients who attempt massage therapy without a professional will more than likely cause symptoms to increase in pain. After all, massage therapy is much more than simply applying pressure to the back. Massage therapy involves a specialist manipulating the soft tissue of the body, which includes:

  • Muscle tissue
  • Connective tissue
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Skin

Massage therapy also involves a varying amount of pressure and movement on specific parts of the body. In many cases, we will use massage therapy in conjunction with other treatment methods.

There are a variety of massage techniques and styles. Thus, each patient will experience varying massages during their treatment appointments. The general goal of massage therapy is to help patients feel relief during treatment for a variety of conditions. While massage therapy is not the cure for all medical conditions, it can help relieve stress and help patients cope with symptoms.

Upon scheduling an appointment, we will have new patients fill out a “New Patient Form.” This form will go over the patient’s medical history, current condition and insurance information. We will take all of these factors into account before the examination. During the examination, we will develop the most effective treatment plan that we can for the patient.

If the treatment plan does involve massage therapy, it will most likely also include a few other treatment techniques that may include physical therapy. Surgical solutions are not only risky but can also make a situation worse for the patient in the long run. Non-surgical options are more effective and safe in most situations. We understand that people may have some questions about massage therapy and here are a few common questions on the basics of massage therapy.

Does massage therapy really work?

While patients may not experience immediate and complete relief following the first massage therapy session, patients will see a steady and permanent improvement over time. There are also multiple factors that determine the success of the massage therapy, including the patient’s body, the patient’s condition and the type of massage therapy technique.

How much does massage therapy cost?

The cost of a massage therapy session will vary for each patient and their insurance may or may not cover any of the cost. Patients can ask their insurance companies ahead of time if they cover massage therapy or ask us which insurance providers we accept. We can go over more of the payment details at the appointment or over the phone.

Will massage therapy hurt?

While there may be some pain during the sessions, patients will notice that their overall condition improves as the sessions progress. We will take necessary steps to help patients heal in a comfortable setting.

What happens during a massage therapy appointment?

Upon arrival, the patient will usually lie down on a table and we will begin the session. Our professional will target the specific areas of pain and manipulate the soft tissue to help relieve pain.

How long does massage therapy take?

A massage therapy session can take about an hour to 90 minutes. It will depend entirely upon the patient’s condition and the massage technique we use.

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