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As a chiropractor in Carrollton, TX, we strive to help patients find long-term relief by treating the source of the pain and not just the symptoms. In many cases, people will seek to treat a chiropractic injury with just rest and prescription painkillers. Without professional treatment, many conditions will only get worse and cause more pain.

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Seek Early Treatment

Along with that, many prescription painkillers only numb the pain temporarily. With our treatment plan, we can customize the specifics to the patient’s needs while also guiding the patient through the recovery process. There is no reason for you to continue struggling with a chiropractic health issue or injury.

Do not let the pain dictate how you live each day, schedule an appointment with us and begin the path toward recovery.

The sooner a patient seeks professional chiropractor treatment, the better chance they have of avoiding permanent damage to the body or needing invasive surgical treatment. While surgery is a possibility, it is only recommended in serious cases. Non-surgical treatment is both effective and less risky. However, patients need to follow through on the treatment for it to be effective.

As a chiropractor in Carrollton, TX, we provide a variety of chiropractic procedures, including:

  • Spinal adjustment
  • Whiplash treatment
  • Herniated disc treatment
  • Back pain treatment
  • Neck pain treatment
  • Knee pain treatment
  • Active rehab therapy
  • Sports injury treatment
  • Sciatica pain treatment
  • Massage therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Electrical muscle stimulation

Since chiropractic issues can occur at a variety of ages, we act as a family chiropractor. Even when children and teenagers wear protective gear, there is always a chance of injuring themselves when participating in sports. Adults are even more at risk for an injury if they do not realize their bodies are not what they used to be.

Symptoms of a Chiropractic Issue

In many cases, people who experience a chiropractic issue are more likely to try waiting it out instead of seeking professional treatment. People will use store-bought painkillers, unaware that those only mask the pain and do not treat it. In these cases, they are only prolonging the recovery process as the injury will not get much better.

Symptoms of a chiropractic injury or signs that a patient needs to see a chiropractor in Carrollton, TX include:

  • Back, shoulder or neck pain that does not go away after several days
  • Difficulty sleeping to pain
  • Difficulty sitting due to pain
  • Pain while walking, running or moving
  • Intense pain in the lower back when lifting something heavy
  • Chiropractic pain or soreness that also causes headaches or nausea

The pain can start out minor and build up over time. A person whose car is rear-ended in an accident may have a similar issue of the pain not occurring until several days or weeks after the accident. In those cases, it is important o seek treatment even if the pain does not seem too intense. With an examination, we can determine if there is any chiropractic damage before it worsens.

Customizing Treatment to Your Needs

As a chiropractor in Carrollton, TX, we also provide treatment to people in the surrounding area by customizing the treatment for each individual patient. Our chiropractic treatment may include a combination of:

  • Treatment appointments at our practice
  • Some medication
  • Therapy
  • Exercises and stretches at home
  • Spinal adjustment

While medication will not treat the issue directly, it can help to temporarily relieve the pain. Medication will not be as effective on its own but can be more effective in helping promote other treatment techniques. We will also conduct treatment techniques during the appointment that can involve therapy, spinal adjustments and therapy.

In order to help enhance the patient’s therapy process, we will also recommend certain exercises and stretches for the patient to conduct at home. By doing so, this will help the injury recover while also helping the patient adjust to using that area of the body again. We will take a patient’s lifestyle into account when customizing the treatment and instruct them on exercises that are fairly easy for them to complete.

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You do not have to continue suffering from a chiropractic injury. Even if the injury only seems to flare up from time to time, seeking professional chiropractic treatment can help to prevent the flare-ups. If you or a loved one are struggling with a chiropractic injury, do not hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment today. We will help you recover and continue to live life to the fullest.

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